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The testimonials below are just a few we receive from our many satisfied  clients .
What an amazing time I had learning how to repair domestic sewing machines
with your help.  I will be back  as I intend to set my business up this year.
October 2015 Farnborough Hants

Cannot fault this training course. I knew nothing about domestic sewing machines
when I joined them for a 3day intense course. I admitted to being anxious but that
was not ever going to be a problem. Their  delivery was excellent, easy and relaxing.
The instructor came to the School. in the Isle of Man Delivered the course
professionally without faulter. Will do further levels soon.
October Isle of Man July 2015

I can't believe how easy you guys made the whole experience seem. I am pleased
that I can now take in live repairs in my wifes quiting business.
I will be back soon to do level 3 and 4  then hopefully on to overlockers.
April 2015 Nottingham

Thank you so much for  what you have done for my business , I have already saved
myself  a fortune in repair bills with the information I learned on the 2 day Tech
course and will be back to do the mechanics course soon .
July 2015 Horsham

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the ease of learning something new the last
few days. It was professional and invaluable as I was able to help my wife understand
why she had  so many problems which were easy to fix . I intend to come back for the
full mechanics course in 2016.
September 2016 Felixstowe

What a refreshing experience it was to be taught by someone who really knows their
stuff and is happy to teach it all. We all had  such fun but  it was all worth the time
and money. I will be back for more courses next year .
November 2016 Chichester

If there is anything to compare with this  training I have yet to find it.
These people really know their stuff and are not  bothered by a barrage of questions.
5 star service  at sensible prices. I will be back for the overlocker course later in the
June 2017  Derby

This is one of the best courses I have ever attended. It was so relaxing.
They made it easy to understand and I have since been able to fix most of the
problems on our walking feet machines without any further assistance.
September 2017 Oxford